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Special Offers

Items that are on special promotion or offer, discontinued or slight seconds. All perfectly functional.

Go on, take a look, there might just be that little something you've been looking for at a bargain price!

Beehive Frames

All of our Frames are manufactured using the best quality, seasoned softwood to the British Standard specifications. All being accurately machined to make assembly a pleasure and without difficulty.

Available in all standard sizes from B.S.National to Dadant.

Beehive Frame Assembly Service

Frame Assembly, all Frame sizes.

You choose your Frame type, size, quantity and Foundation and we will put them all together in readiness to place straight into the hive.

Beehive Foundation

All of our Foundation is produced using top quality blended wax from various sources and has excellant colour and aroma properties. Our finished wired foundation is wired diagonally to virtually eliminate any sagging and then sealed in polythene to retain its pure and fresh properties.
Available in all standard sizes, as worker, drone, cut comb and sections. Wired or Unwired.
Special sizes can be produced to order.

Protective Clothing

We have a range of Protective clothing to suit most requirements and pockets. From the well tried and tested 'Sherriff' range, the 'BB Wear' range to the more economical standard range. All being made to the highest standard.
We also stock Standard Coveralls and simple and economical Hats and Ring Veils, so if you are just starting out, we have you covered!

Beekeeping Tools

We stock a range of Beekeeping Tools to cover almost all aspects of the Beekeepers needs. From Tools to aid the construction of Beehives and Frames to those required to undertake your Beekeeping routines. Such as Smokers, Hive Tools,
Manipulation Cloths and tools to aid in the cleaning of your equipment.

Beehive Hardware

A very comprehensive range of hardware to complement your beekeeping requirements. From Mouseguards, Metal and Plastic Spacers both wide and narrow, through to Queen Excluders, Snelgrove Boards, Bee Escapes and Spring Fasteners.


All of our hives are produced using the finest selected Western Red Cedar and seasoned softwood.
The highest level of craftsmanship is implemented in their construction,
thus ensuring, you, our customers, the highest quality product that will give a long reliable service.

We stock all standard sizes, British National, Commercial, Langstroth, Smith, Dadant, and W.B.C.

All of our Flat Pack Hives and Hive Parts are supplied with Full Assembly Instructions, Nails, Pins and Glue.


Our nails are sourced from reliable quality manufacturers. All being either Sheradized or Galvanised to protect from corrosion, thus prolonging they're life in the open.
Various sizes and styles are available for varying applications.

Frame Hardware and Assembly Tools

Here we stock a large selection of tools, materials and fixings used in the assembly of frames, foundation, beehives and associated parts etc. Such as Saws, Rampins, Try/Squares and Hammers.

Medications and Health

A range of items which can be an aid to the well being and health of your colonies.
Covering items for cleaning equipment to chemicals and medications to help combat the various ailements
and aflictions that your colonies may from time to time suffer.

Bee Feeders and Bee Feed

We stock a large selection of Feeders and Bee Feed.
Everything from the large Miller and Ashforth Feeders to the small Jar Lid Feeder.
We stock a variety of Bee Feed such as Ambrosia Syrup, Bee Fondant and other items that can be added to the feed to aid the health and well being of the colony.

The Queen Bee

We stock a large variety of items to aid the marking, catching and moving of your Queens.

Marking pens of all the year colours, cages to catch and retain, cages for introduction and many items and tools used in the production of new Queens.

Uncapping and Extracting

You will find a range of equipment in this section to cover all of your requirements.
From an Uncapping Knife to a 20 Frame Stainless Steel Motorised Radial Extractor. We also stock various Uncapping Trays, Tanks and Wax Extractors.


To help you in the production of a quality product you will need some processing equipment, be it a small filter cloth or 400 Micron Filter Bag (suitable for producing Honey for the show bench!).
Here also you will find items as above through to 100Kg Honey Ripeners, Honey Creamers, Plastic Honey Storage Buckets and Warming Kits.


We stock a wide range of packaging including standard 1lb Jars+lids, Hexagonal Jars, Poly Squeeze Bears, Polish Tins and Plastic containers for lotions and potions etc.

If you should wish to buy in bulk for yourself, club or association, please contact us for our best quantity prices.


Honey produced in sections is some of the finest available. Almost completely untouched or modified in any way, being a completely natural product. Produced by the bees and not touched until consumed, as natural as nature intended.
Producing section honey can be difficult but the rewards can be great if successful and the product excellent.

We stock a large range of equipment to aid in your section honey production. From hanging section frames for starting out or trial to everything to produce English Basswood Sections or Round (Ross) Sections and sundries.

Candles, Wick and Beeswax

Making Beeswax Candles is an excellent way of putting your surplus Beeswax to use.
They burn without unpleasant smells and smoke, last longer than usual candles and are fun to make.

We stock a range of Beeswax, natural and coloured, in block form or as comb embossed sheets.

We also stock a range of Braided Cotton Candle Wick in sizes to suit most candle sizes and Candle Moulds of various patterns and various other sundries to compliment your candles.

We also make and stock a range of ready made candles with different themes.

Gifts, Novelties and Collectables

A small selection of items to add value to your products or just to give to beekeeping friends.
This section is set to grow as items become available.

Gift Vouchers are available here also which can be used against the purchase of any item within our catalogue.

Books and Literature

We presently stock a small selection of books, all with valuable information to help your beekeeping experience.

Our titles are constantly being updated so watch or bookmark this page.

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